Celebration cakes

Celebration Cakes

6" round to serve 12 dessert portions - from £90

7" round to serve 16 dessert portions - from £110

8" round to serve 24 dessert portions - from £135

Small 2 Tier to serve 18 dessert portions - from £135

Medium 2 Tier to serve 24 dessert portions - from £150

Large 2 Tier to serve 36 dessert portions - from £170

XL 2 Tier to serve 48 dessert portions - from £195

XXL 2 Tier to serve 62 dessert portions - from £225

(Dummy tiers can be added to any of the above cakes for an additional £30-50 to achieve a 2 tier design

without excess cake. They are made from polystyrene and will be decorate to look like cake)

Custom Carved cakes start from £120 and serve a minimum of 10-12 servings

* All gluten free cakes are baked using gluten free flour. They are produced in an environment where wheat/gluten products are handled, and where equipment and utensils are used for multiple menu items. Although your order is prepared with care, it cannot be guaranteed it will be completely free of gluten. Please bare this in mind when ordering with us.